Pick Me..

I’m posting the video of these hunks not only because they are sooooo  hunky and tough. Goodness! If they were fruits on a fruit stand I’d pick them up anytime. 🙂 but also because you can clearly see how much they’ve invested on perfecting their throws, lunges, kicks, ass and bods.. (bilet you are so distracted… sheesh :P)

What drives them to perfect their game? the everlasting adage of motivation, commitment, discipline, etcetera… etcetera… etcetera. Ya we all know that, it’s no big deal. Heck! the world knew that even when before Christ was born. So, why isn’t all of us are anywhere near like them?

I read somewhere “the grass will always be greener, on places you’ve watered”.. Yeah right, haven’t they thought that maybe they could have replaced that with, “The grass will always be greener where there’s plenty of water”.  Not all of us can can be grasses that can be easily watered. Not all of us have the body and stamina of an NFL choice player. Most of us may be born with a cleft lip for all we know, but is a genius in knitting.. what? don’t like knitting? ok let’s make it math.. (geesshhh.. so expected parallelisms).

But as I was saying, not all of us can be NFL’s. We admire them for the entertainment they bring us, the commercial industry they generate, the job your next door neighbor maybe eagerly a part of, but beyond that, beyond any of the given adage that the world needs different parts and kinds of men to make it go around. Haven’t you noticed that the game is localized? it thrives on where it can be a multimillion dollar industry. You can’t bring NFL in the Philippines, or in Korea or in any of our kingdoms where our king is of average height, meaning below 6ft. Our serfs would mob you to death if you stand up to them and say in your smug face with deep bass resonating voice “In your league you better pick me”

The grass is always greener where there is plenty of water, and when there is water available. If not, might as well content yourself with cornstalks. We can all perfect our game, on what we are gifted to have. We can practice our motivation, commitment, discipline… everything on our knitting and we turn out better sweaters. It’s all about making life not only better, but the best of what we can give on what is laid out on the table.

Then again, I’m going to contradict this one also, I am going to quote Scot Berkun on Mindfire: “The difference between the ideas that changed the world and those that remain on the drawing board, includes large quantities of chance and circumstance…. Free thinkers forever seek to acknowledge, understand and disprove assumptions..”

So I guess there maybe yet a possibility of having an NFL-like league in Asian countries. So now, we end up with the basic truths and essentials of life.. the Motivation, Commitment, Discipline and Self-determination.

what do you think? :)

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