visual thinker

I want to take part in a new trend – viral and genericism. “Viral” – its when you’ve become so sick everyone around you thinks its cool and they tend to like it (visual link → walking dead ). “Genericism” – its when you’ve become so common they refer to you like a household item (visual link → snot= kleenex).

You think my ideas below can become candidate?

sorry… have just been around the internet and sometimes it saddens me how I can’t be that creative with pictures. Can you please help me find appropriate meme’s, cartoons, and/ or still life for:

  1. penis farts ( from one of my favorites “whit”);
  2. Gollum ass (just the cheeks please);
  3. sunflower proboscis;
  4. tapeworm head like asshole;
  5. moon on mars terrain armpits;
  6. sinkhole belly buttons with the city traffic like stretch marks around it;

ummm… if this was your belly button, how big can you be? ahhh the stuff of legends 🙂

Look, I’m not trying to be cruel here, just wanting to be a visual thinker, which makes me sad how I can describe the things in my head but hard as I might, can’t find appropriate visual interpretations and the internet is soooo wide, what with so many penises flashing every so often but none of them farts and those girly boobs occupying the monitor so much overwhelming the moon on mars. Help me out.

Besides, I think there’s too much emphasis on Gollum’s face we can’t find his prescciiouuuss..

CG depiction of Gollum created by Weta Digital...

CG depiction of Gollum created by Weta Digital for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heard about the “ridiculously photogenic guy”? that’s what I’m aiming here at. How can you think of a ridiculously photogenic guy and it automatically becomes him? sort of like “does form follow function” or the other way around? We’ve pictured George Clooney in sweats before, how come there’s no caption of a ridiculously photogenic Dr.?

Mr Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Mr Ridiculously Photogenic Guy (Photo credit: King_of_Games)

what do you think? :)

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