7 Warning Signs that you are becoming lazy

Today I don’t feel like doing anything…I’m just gonna lay in my bed.


Wow I never thought I could relate to Bruno Mars that much. Sorry I’ve been away so long that having so much of “me” time ended up on being gluttonous with the free time. I woke up this morning, feeling like every joint  in my beautiful body (hear the sarcasm please) is bounded up by glue that even lifting my firm ass off the bed and deciding to move have become a piteous effort.

Yup, we all love instant gratifications, including oversleeping, but that’s the point, instant makes you happy just now, never in the long run. “I just do not really feel like doing anything” statements has its reasons says a clinical psychologist Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D. People procrastinate primarily because of the lack of motivation. We lack the motivation to do the things we want to do and there are factors that interferes with the motivation.

What interferes with your motivation and how do you know you’re turning into a monkey masked sloth that’s been part of Bruno Mar’s MTV?

1. You consider the remote control your absolute best friend.

A typical firmware-controlled device, a televi...

  • In fact most of your appliances are on remote. The geeks should have figured out how to open the stove with just a click of remote. You’ve limit yourself and your capacity to move with the range of what the remote can do. You lack the conviction of effort to go outside and throw the trash. If the remote can’t bring the garbage outside, then you’ll do it later. Motivation interference: lacking sense of self efficacy – conviction that if we put our mind to something, we’ll be effective with it.

2. You wait for someone to notice that you look like a week old crumpled smelly bedsheet.

  • You think we like it this way? nope, we do it this way because we have an inner desire of annoying our loved ones. We rile them with our messy hair, smelly armpits and oily faces. You have that messed up just out of the bed look, but it’s already 3pm and you’ve actually been awake since noon. You want to hear it from other people, that you are turning into a mess. Motivation interference: Lacking sufficient emotional support. Yeah, we’re so immature we need a cheering squad to tell us we need to get a move on.

3. You finally took a bath, or comb your hair, or whatever effort it takes that does not involve the remote control and actually want someone to notice that you look decent and changed.

  • Annnnd you wait. You really want someone to give you a pat on the back because you’ve made an effort of applying yourself to a task. You anticipate an applaud. You have an unconcsious need for a positive feedback and the lack of  it makes you stop taking a bath, really? Motivation interference:Needing–but not expecting–that others will give us recognition.

4. You’ve been moving away from the daily schedule.

  • You only do the things you want to do. Like lie in bed or text on your phone because sitting up on your desktop is too much effort, or go around media sites ogling at your computer screen without any concrete achievements for the day. Motivation interference: Lack of self-discipline.

5. You would rather watch TV than do the things your’e supposed to do. You know, things you only want to do.

  • Because, its much more interesting to do the things you want to do. It keeps your neurons wired. Everything else is an effort of burden rather than a necessary task of love. Ever wonder why most intelligent people are lazy, they think the task presented to them are boring that they would rather do something else. Next time they tell you you are being lazy, just tell them your “intelligent” 🙂 Motivation interference: Lacking interest in the endeavor itself.

6. You think everything will just turn out the same.

  • Because you are no longer interested in what you are doing, you think everything will turn out quite the same. No matter how much effort you put into it. It’s like when you try to cook delicious beef stew it turned out like boring pancakes, and when you cook pancakes, it still turned out to be boring pancakes. So just never mind, eat the boring pancakes already, its the same as beef stew. Motivation interference: Ambivalence–or lacking faith that the action will be worth the effort.

7.  When you think the effort will just turn out the same, its mostly thoughts of epic failures.

  • You don’t move because you are more afraid of failing. You think that moving the trash outside would only end up all over the street scattered with litter and diaper because a stupid stray dog managed to get inside the can and nosed his way into the bag bringing all his treasures and your scandalous trash all over the street for display. So, to prevent the stray dogs from nosing in your trash can, you need to make it secure with a clasp and make sure it would not be easily accessed by the stupid stray dogs. geeshh.. so much effort, I have to think about a plan on making it work while I watch TV, now where’s that remote? Motivation interference: Fear of failure

Homer Simpson

Sad part is, I never realized I gave in so much to “do it later” than to the “do it now” choices, that before I knew it, I have been setting aside things that I should be doing in fulfillment of a long-term goal. It’s all piled up, the things to do, not just for the life goal achievement, even the clean-up-your bedroom chores are on the wait list and its all messing me up.

You know why we love Homer Simpson? he’s an embodiment of an irresponsible lazy jerk who seems to get away with it. Unfortunately we all don’t have a Marge and Maggie at our side who seem to make it all better. Honestly I’d love a family like that it’d be such a riot. Everyday living like the Simpsons would most probably end up making you look like one. Not good.

Its your choice, be the succesful animator behind the Simpsons, or just be the character itself. We all have issues and baggages that often runs us a ground, but we need not stay down there low, and being a couch potato eventually becomes boring too. It all begins with choices, we can choose to be lazy or otherwise sweat it out. 🙂

what do you think? :)

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