The Avengers, a review: ooh yeah!

What more can you ask for? a marvel comic jumps off from the pages to the screen!

We are all suckers for die-hard action scenes.

Why would someone want to fire at a jeep from a helicopter? only Fury of course and usually at opening scenes,  heroes misses, and when Loki fires back, hits the chopper, Fury jumps from the turning near crashing helicopter, then stands up and radios instructions again as if jumping from helicopters 20 feet from the ground is just an everyday life.  Fury just doesn’t roll over and die, even with one eye!

“..Coulson get back to base… this is level seven..” that high-tech building is not yet the base? and level seven? I thought everything ends at level 5, that’s what terminator taught me.

With opening scenes like that, in each phase racing levels of expectation, what more can you expect?

Ok so earth’s been compromised by a psychotic power wielding God who has sibling rivalry issues. What’s next? who can defend us futile ants?

Character poster for the film Thor featuring T...

We turn to a beautiful woman who can literally kick ass. Where she gets the energy to kick butt I don’t know, it’s definitely not coming from that small waist and svelte figure. You offer the Black Widow to a calmed Hulk to convince him to come to  S.H.I.E.L.D.  so we can start the earth defense already. Ummmm… not that easy you know, he’s not exactly dumb as he is big, but the widow is not exactly blond either.

And that’s just it, The Avengers is not your ordinary motley crew. Convincing them to come to S.H.I.E.L.D. to fight for a common cause is the balance Nick Fury needs to deal with. He can’t automatically create a button labeled “right push” to will all of the Avengers and make them realize, on them depends the fate of the earth. Fighting the enemy is only just an insy winsy part of it, the psychological handling of ego’s and volatile personalities is not exactly easy. The scripts handling and balances of moments for each hero was good, even sarcastic exchanges and ironic plays of subplots was perfect timing.

No, council, they are not a bunch of freaks, just an unruly powerful lot whose got huge personal issues.

Iron Man never fails to amaze. From the take off to the landing gear. If you don’t want to watch the movie for anything else, just watch it on how he makes his own walk in closet on top of the Stark Towers penthouse balcony. If not that, then be jaw dropped at S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘s high tech base,  in its huge size manages to make itself invisible, with everything so modern science fiction, Captain America got a little queasy on wearing his old-fashioned uniform.

So off to finding that supposedly innocuous cube of energy. Loki’s got plans, he gets the kick out of everyone kneeling before him but apparently SHIELD or the Avengers doesn’t have a clue on his plans or the Tessaract’s location.  Since they don’t really know what the motives are, they turn on one another, finding ulterior motives on each others  story on how and why they joined in the super secret defense team.

Loki’s delighted at  the Avengers squablings. Lost focus equals lost ground and the spear turned each and every one of them into petty ordinary and bickering human beings. Too late they realized that it was one of Loki’s original plan and damages are already flying everywhere, including an irritated Hulk. What Loki didn’t plan on was that at a high cost, he killed one of the agents because he told Loki to his face he is going to lose the fight just for lack of conviction, geesh.. overly sensitive god.

And because of Loki’s sensitivity, the Avengers were finally glued to a common cause,

“if we don’t get to defend the earth, at least we get to avenge it” and that’s from the super hero whose super ego is as part of his super suit.

Then came the real battle action. You might think Captain America was a loser with the super hero powers being outdated and all, but he was the real strategist that makes battle plans work, defense, resource and minimum damage control.

“You contain, make  a perimeter, fight on the ground, keep the strays in… and Hulk …smash” 😉

But it’s not gonna end with all the brawns and eventually Hawkeye will have finished up all his arrows, even Thor the god gets to be tired, so beauty and brains get to think for final strategy of finishing up the job. You know how authorities are assh*les, they make assh*le decisions that complicate everything, and makes us hold our breath for a finale.

Is he dead? is one of the Marvel hero dead in this pilot movie already?

Gosh… we all get to eat shawarmah after the credits roll up. Battle scenes check, good guy pull at your heartstrings plot check, climax, subplots and to die for action scenes triple check. Best of all and the best entertainment for me was the sarcastic exchanges between the heroes and antagonists.

I wish I could write a script like that. It’s the ultimate ambition to die for.

My mom used to tell me when I haven’t yet watched the first of the Star Wars trilogy , “You know, you’ve missed one half of your life already if you haven’t seen those movies.”

I’m telling you now, you’re missing the other half if you haven’t seen this.

Then maybe you could eat shawarmah later. 😉

And there’s one thing also this movie answered that’s been always at the back of my mind since childhood,

How does Hulk  ever change pants?

The Gods are good with movies this summer 😉 !


  1. I LOVED THIS MOVIE! But shwarma isnt that great. dont try it.

    1. Hi Moses!!!
      yup i’ve enjoyed it so much so I wrote about it, not that much obvious huh? I really don’t get it why people would keep on talking on the same movies they saw and rant or rave on different points… and nerd as I am, I took it to the next level and wrote..hahahha.

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