Day 2: Something I feel strongly about.

Harper Lee was one of my most favorite writer hands down, all time, all seasons star, and her book is my tomorrow’s day 3 blog challenge topic. If To Kill a Mockingbird has not been required by your English teacher, I suggest you go out, read one then tell the teacher, there’s no “how” in To Kill a Mockingbirdby the famed Harper Lee. Just so he/she knows 🙂

Signature of Harper Lee, taken from First Edit...

Signature of Harper Lee, taken from First Edition of To Kill a Mockingbird. (New York: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1960) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prejudice, racial discrimination, gender inequality, social exclusion, banking education, bullying – in short “we” are better than “you” mentalities never fails to make my hair stand on ends and a roll of pent-up words from cuss to snobbish effontries would flow out  like water under the  “Bridge over the river Kwai” from yours truly. Imagine explosions, unnecessary deaths, decapitated bodies, Dark Knight premiers, triggered by your mother’s tirade during your early morning coffee. Yes, that is how offended I am by this human invention.

The bible verse on thou shall not judge so you wont have the same yardstick measured on you, was not written there just to add word count to the Holy Book. It was there for a lesson to be learned. For a historical realization that discrimination has been existent way back before our time.  History has proven, that cultural and behavioral characteristics which innately divide people between inferior and superior typologies are hidden in a societal dictated justified propaganda.

Our actions are oftentimes defined by social values, and since man is a pack animal, social rejection is an under current almost everyone has to deal with. What saddens me most, is how we are rejected just by our features, physical proportion, belief systems, color, race, gender and age.

Some people even go out of their way to make this divide so physically present and morally offensive. History is ripe with these tragedies, the Auschwitz, Berlin Wall, Rosa Parks, caste system, female circumcision, women not allowed to vote, shop in public, walk in front of a man… really?! I hope the man in front steps on a landmine, boom! I think I’d be happy seeing him doing a Katy Perry Firework, go on show us what’s your worth.

No one is better than anyone else. We come  from different lives, carry our own set of strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams.

No one should tell you you are less than who you are unless you allowed them to, and it would be the most pathetic thing you can do to yourself if you actually believed them.


Nowadays it gets to be more confusing, how will gay men deal with public toilets? If they try it in the men’s room they might be accused of sexual harrasment, if they go to the ladies room, they’d get the same accusation, might be even a louder one. You think there should be a campaign – Toilets for the Third Kind?

Nope, that’s where it all started, an implicit justified propaganda. The toilets were designed for genital utilization, not gender representation.

Now if Lady Gaga was a hermaphrodite, where would she pee? You think she can do it on both? hmmm

… haist… this will never end…

what do you think? :)

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