Day 6: My views on mainstream music.

Ever noticed how runaway hit songs usually come from pain?

It brought Adele 6 Grammy’s including the Album of the Year award in 2012, all in a single night of recognition.

I entirely understand why Adele was so brokenhearted with her ex, imagine if he could do Rolling in the Deep  while in bed, of course she’d wanna find Someone Like You. Unfortunately the stupid guy hooked up with another, so she originally titled the follow up song as I set Fire to the Bitch, but she knew it was too obvious, so she probably decided to drown her first and changed the song title to  Set Fire to the Rain, she hasn’t been around to doing it, that’s why she sang I’ll be Waiting.

Pain has also given Maroon 5‘s one of of thier best albums “Songs about Jane”  their marker on the road to success. It  became one of their most best selling albums and to date and  they have sold 10 million copies in the US alone.

One of their most recent single – “Moves like Jagger, sold 8 million copies worldwide, and yes it is about pain. If looking like Mick Jagger isin’t  painful enough, how much more if you move like him. Don’t agree? well you go on and tell your mother thru the Payphone, I’m sure she’ll agree with me.

Please go on, continue reading. I know this post is turning out to be like roll your eyes  knock knock jokes, but I did started out as talking about pain right? So go on, read, so you’ll know your depth of tolerance to pain 🙂

Which makes everyone ask, how can someone ever break Adam Levine’s heart? He’s made himself one of the hottest brokenhearted lead vocalist among most famous bands. I pray to God that nothing is so seriously wrong with him which would make equally hot women decide to buy a condo in splitsville (hellooo… Anna Vyalitsyna of Victoria’s Secret is not exactly common face on the street) .  I also pray to God that maybe 20 years from now, he doesn’t show up in a Las Vegas club wearing sequined flared pants and publicly come out of the closet. nooooooo…. plueeze.. do not shatter my bubble ideal of a hot lead singer.

There’s The Script for pain (get it? the script, like Rx.. hahaha… no? ok fine :p ) They seem to have arthritis or something because they’ve turned into A Man who Can’t be Moved. Ahhh… yes, here’s one of the ultimate songs of pain from them:

” I’m falling thru the doors of the emergency room, can anybody help me with these Exit Wounds.

I must be confused, they were’nt arthritic vicitms, they were shooting victims, probably one of the moviegoers on the Dark Knight premier. They were the ones who saw  For the First Time that James Holmes was gonna fire at them but they just sat there  said Nothing. So now the bereaved victims turned to Science and Faith to alleviate the pain.

Boy, these artists must have been in real pain. They are literally rolling in all those moolah, and they’ve paper cut themselves from dollar bills coming in from their hit songs. If the number of sales would equal the number of paper cuts they have on themselves, man they’d look more like sliced onions, singing sliced onions writhing in pain. 🙂

Still don’t get it? Ok fine then don’t! c’mon, this happen to be a pure and unadulterated cornball post here, ok…

Funny, I was in pain before, crying from heartbreak and everything and when I started to sing my heart out, the neighbor threw a rock that shattered our window and hit me near the butt, that was painful… geesh.. feeling so unappreciated here. 😦

I’ve linked the You Tube video of the songs. You may wanna hear it.

For me, music is the universal language of the soul, it maybe dated but it reaches out through ages and tells a story of basic, incomprehensible truths that cannot be seen or touched, but is felt by the heart.

Good music are timeless… including cornballs. Let’s see how long Justin Bieber would last… 🙂


  1. ma are you serious with this? 🙂

    1. Yes ching I am serious… like Intensive Care Unit serious hehehe 🙂

  2. joytotheworldissad · · Reply

    Nice, you got the title of the songs right this time.

    1. Yup this time I did get the song title and the artist right, didn’t I?! yeeyyy.. happy me, thanks to google 🙂

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