Day 7: Five pet peeves

Ummm…. I know, I don’t like seeing this in other people, and it really creeps me out too but sometimes I empathize with them. You just can’t help it.

1. picking up noses in public.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to resist, I know it’s gross and I got to admit to the deed sometimes but I look around while doing it just to make sure no one else is looking and there’s this hard to reach thingy…. wait.. can’t type… yet…

2. Skinny jeans that’s too long it looks like crumpled socks at the ankles.

Do they honestly think they look good in that?! If the jeans weren’t blue you’d think it was loose skin folding over the strappy sandals. It looks like you forgot to tell your doctor that the left over skin from your facelift need not be transferred to ankles. Honestly, cows look better with extra skin on their bellies.

3. Farting under the sheets.

it’s a good way of driving away boisterous children who wants to play hide and seek under the covers. I am still enjoying my snooze time before getting out of bed, go away, go play somewhere else.

4. Chewing at pencil erasers or leaving tooth marks on the wood.

I kinda like the wavy impressions my teeth leave on the pencil. It looked like art to me. I don’t know why I tend to chew on the erasers specially during tests, now I realize it must be rich in folic acid, might have helped me in my thinking process.

5. Picking on rough nail edges.

My toenails never grow long. I just have one of those urges, like the pencil chewing art that I automatically turn to when I need to think. My hands would suddenly find rough edges then there’s a science on how thumbnails would mimic a nail cutter and tear out those minute nail abrasions and cuticle and well… some nail bed skin also 🙂

I just looked at my toenails now, they look decent enough… I guess I’m recovering 🙂

what do you think? :)

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