Day 8: What I ate today

Let me just say before I continue, that this is a very tiring challenge blog. Next time before I get into something like this I’ll ask my lawyer first… whatever. 🙂

I could hear a hummingbird chirping outside and a ray of sunlight peeked just right enough through my bedroom window, its warmth like silver fingers poking me awake. My conciousness slowly rose to the smell of  the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee.

I looked around and saw coffee and doughnuts by my bedside and a note saying he just went out to buy something to cook for lunch. He’d be picking me up after an hour at the nearby bakery, just in time when I finish my jog around the park. He promised a favorite bagel to share before we head back home.

So I drink up the coffee, took a hurried shower, wore one of my best jogging outfits, one that would make imagination wonder, I’m feeling really sexy today. I took a bite on the doughnut, and wrapped the rest in a tissue. Would finish this off in my preliminary run. Fitted myself with my iPod, then went outside to a crispy morning air.

As promised, after an hour he was there. All smiles with a bag of bagel. I was sweaty, I don’t know if I still look good but with pheromones working, I know I do and I also know what I want, I just can’t tell what he wants, but what the hell, I like his smile.

“where are the groceries?” I asked, wiping sweat off my brow.

“In the car.” he answered back. Looking at me, eyes crinkled as he smiled. I know this day is going to be goodNew England clam chowder. Source: http://pdpho....
He stepped just right behind me, held my elbow as he guided me to the car. Opened the door and placed a palm on my head as I bowed to step inside. He thinks I’m a klutz that would knock myself out as I go inside cars. I’m a small woman, my head don’t go bumping inside cars, I’m more likely to be run over because of my size. They’d think I was a two legged cat crossing the street.

We had grilled barbecue, clam chowder and a nice caesar salad. I think I need to run again just to burn all those things I ate. After the wine, we just sat there, rested our backs on the chair. There was a lull in our conversation, which seldom happens. Usually we just roll our heads off laughing. It’s funny we didn’t throw toothpicks at each other, or do the puzzle with toothpicks and forks,  we usually have fun when we eat.

We looked into each others eyes, trying to read each others thoughts. Getting lost in a pool of emotion. An angel dust whiffed in the air. Like powdered sugar over pastry, making everything magical, he came over, gently cupped my chin and we kissed. We made soft and gentle love that afternoon. Just like hot choco in a cold December morning, warm, soft  and reasurring. Loving caresses that reach your insides. Candy center filled with sweet surprises.

“Hey Mom! you at that laptop again?! what are we having for lunch?” my son shouted outside the bedroom door.

Sheesh.. Oh well, I think I have to go out for groceries and maybe we could have grilled barbecue and chicken soup for lunch and sautéed vegetables with shrimp paste (pinakbet) for dinner.

Yup, that would be good enough. My son is not really particular with vegetables but that’s me getting back at him for ruining my gourmet imaginings. Spoiler.. bleah..

what do you think? :)

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