Day 9: How important you think education is

Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Are you one of those people who gets irritated when someone looks over your shoulder and tells you what you should do?

“You are wrong, this is how it is done.” or when you go up to a colleague and ask for help then she goes, “You don’t know how to do it?!”

Who me? No, actually I just wanted to know if you knew so I can tell audit that it was you who did the wrong mark ups.  Let’s see how much you knew about the works. Sheesh! asshole know-it-all.

The first time I came across banking education (the notion that Students are not empty vessels to be filled with our expert knowledge) was when I read “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by Paulo Friere, a recommended reading by a beloved professor who must have noticed that I was restless learner. I was more of a why person than a how.

The person who thinks and reflects goes about creating himself from the inside out. He creates his consciousness of struggle by transforming reality and liberating himself from the oppression that has been inserted by traditional pedagogy. (Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire – An Analysis)

Well to make it short, it expounds the methods of dialogue and that it explains how a person learns not just by taking, absorbing, adapting but also by reflection, challenge and reform.

Then I chanced upon Sir Ken Robinson‘s Differential Learning and he enlightened me on how institutional learning have some ways debilitated the creativity of many of our young minds.

I can’t say if I was fortunate or not, to have known his train of thoughts when I was already at a mature age. I suppose I was “debilitated” enough already 🙂

Anyways, this is a very inspiring video by Sir Ken Robinson. If you don’t really believe what I’ve posted so far in my blogs, at least take my word for  it, this man is a true educator and an inspiration of many. 🙂

Me? I find him hilarious. I love teachers like that.  If I weren’t so Asian I think I’d try to educate myself in such an English dry humour, don’t you think so my lad?

what do you think? :)

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