Day 12: Five guys whom you find attractive

Hugh Jackman at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine p...

OMG… ” Belle sighed as she watched Kate and Leopold with her daughter.

Girlie flicks was on the tube. They had a bag of chips, feet on top of the  table. They seemed to be convoluted enough in their positions with their backs on the sofa twisted and turned in such a way that they both fitted  in even if they were lying on it lengthwise. It was an encroachment on available space and the contest was on who gets to place the largest body mass on the available surface.

If you stared at them from the ceiling, they probably looked like lizards on their backs, pinned to the sofa. Open up their bellies and out comes soda and a sloshful of disintegrated fat with chips and cheese… eiww gross..

Mom he’s old.” She replied as she saw her mother swooning over Hugh Jackman.

Not in that movie ” Belle retorted. She loved X-MEN more so because he was there. Teenagers. if you’re past 20 you’re considered ancient. There’s something about men with claws, tall, dark and burly… instead of fangs, white, vlad and skinny. 🙂

What’s the next scheduled movie after this?

Ryan Reynolds at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine ...

The Proposal

Oh my god! I love that guy also…. what’s his name…. umm..

Ryan Reynolds mom

Yeah him.. isn’t he the guy in Green Lantern?


Ok Belle thought changing her mind, I’m going with the pale face hairless men. “Oh I love him. In fact I so love him I’m going to post a picture of him in my FB status and declare that I am in a relationship with him…”

“I thought you and Robert Downy Jr are already an item?” Belle’s eldest had the most bland expression that would beat Kristen Stewart.  “Mom, you’re pathetic.”

“I know so.. “ grinning they continued with their movie and finished off the chips.

The next day, a close neighbor texted Joy and asked who was the American guy her mom was hanging out with. She nearly blew off the coffee she was drinking. What? Her mom changed her status into a relationship with an American guy, the text explained. Joy didn’t give her the satisfaction.

They didn’t know who Ryan Reynolds was? and Mom really made good that she’d have a relationship with the actor. Middle aged women. Joy frowned at the text, she was already late for work.

The next day the same friend chatted  with Belle this time. Why was she going out with different men? Then changed the topic before she could reply, the first question completely forgotten.

Johnny Depp during the Paris premiere of Publi...

When Belle surfed the web later that afternoon, the mysterious curious question on her promiscuity surfaced, Joy had changed her partner in FB, this time it was Johnny Depp.

She doesn’t know who Johnny Depp is? Belle frowned. The neighbor friend wasn’t really that close with them and she is the community newspaper being nosy and all, but what really surprised her was that she didn’t know who Johnny Depp is.

She probably couldn’t afford cable TV and she is a stay at home mom. Is she living in a cave? is the only app she knows in the computer is FB? does she even watch movies? She needs to check out what her husband looked like, hmmm… there’s a potential Fred Flintstone here.

Nosy neighbors. Since she was home early today she decided she’d watch Star Trek while cooking dinner, she saw it in the TV guide.

“Whats up with her?” her son pointed with his snout towards the house in front. Belle had a pretty good idea but still asked why.

She’s telling me, I’m going to have a father soon but I have to talk with you seriously, that you should never bring home different men. It would look … improper.” Her son had the most painful confused look in his face that she guffawed and nearing heart attack  while laughing. She told him on how they’ve discovered their favorite neighbor is her stalker.

She just changed her partner in FB to Chris Pine just because of Star Trek.

She noticed the next day her neighbor wasn’t bugging them anymore, better check that FB when I get home. Too bad she didn’t have connection at the office. It was restricted.

Atoy!!!!!” Belle called out for her son from her bedroom as she walked out. She just came home from the office. When will she ever learn that she needs to log off whenever she goes away from the PC.

She found out she was already married to this guy.

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