Day 14: What you wore today

This uniform is ugly” an officemate would complain. It’s mostly common opinion on uniforms and if you want to live by the dogma of  “we aim to please…” (now don’t think dirty !) do not be in the uniform/tailoring business. Chances are, your customers would never like it, even though they would keep wearing it everyday.

I never liked wearing corporate. So stiff and straight, I feel like I’m a can of evaporated filled milk with a smiling white guy in front and stacked on a shelf with the other white guys, and I’m not even white.

this can so lack artistic genialities you’d want to whack the smile off this kid’s face. He seems like saying “hehehe I got you..

What makes us so offensive on wearing office uniforms when it’s got clear economic advantage? At least wearing them gives you the excuse of repeating the same clothes over and over again and you didn’t have to worry on what you would be wearing the next day. Wardrobe nowadays are pretty much expensive.

Then why are most people adverse to wearing the same type of clothing everyday? It’s because it’s a form of regimentation. We suddenly disappear into  common faces and are placed in a mass discipline of concerted effort. We become categorized into working masses for a common goal, part of a mass,  producing a product that needs to be a portion contributing to a larger society.

Nothing wrong with that except if you’re doing the same thing, going to the same place, clocking the same hours, wearing the same frickin outfit day in day out, that’s called … BLEAH.  A change in clothing is usually the first unconscious effort in a rebellion for a change in a defined identity.

I guess I get to be lucky, what I do from day-to-day gets to be varied and there are enough stressors in my working environment not to make me feel the bleah but I usually go on “shit! whyyy… for heaven’s sake!” , then major facepalm. It’s really unfair but shit does happen.

Anyways, back to the uniform, besides that dig on why uniforms were invented and historically based on the offshoots of industrial revolution, there is also to consider the individuality of a person. If only fashion sense were not such a prerogative to a persons artistic leanings, we could all be wearing a sack and no one would complain.

Business Uniform photo credit (wikipedia)
please kill me already if you want me to wear that.

Unfortunately, we have a uniform committee that decides the design of the uniform-of-the-year. Then here lies the problem, what maybe fit for the goose, may not be good for the gander.

Cmon! not everyone is pear-shaped, and if you like large buttons designed like big bens, or banana colored ruffles at the neckline then fine wear one. Oh but please not me! oh please don’t make this an office uniform. I’ll do anything you want.

And would you believe the material office uniforms comes with! They are usually low quality, its like a garrote squeezing your fab body before the year’s out.

It’s supposed to be for a year of use and abuse, unfortunately before the year ends the cloth had already shrunk. Suddenly you couldn’t button up anymore or the zipper doesn’t close well either. You couldn’t stretch your reach out well to the right or left  coz the sleeves threatened to go from crack to whack, before you know it, you’ve got a torn sleeve.

The shrinking are mostly on targeted areas too. It doesn’t fit well anymore around your waist, hips and arms. It’s bulging. Low quality fabric! bleah…
Thank God tomorrows a Friday, I get to wear my favorite jeans and shirt. Wha?! It’s supposed to be corporate? I don’t care! sue me! I’ve got nothing to wear! All my clothes have shrunk, they must have come from the same company that made the uniforms.

Office uniforms are to blame with your weight issues… they make it look so obvious. 😦

what do you think? :)

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