day 19: Five items you lust after

Blueberry pie.

Not sure about this. What’s the difference between “LUST”, “LIKE” and “LOVE”?. Nowadays, we all seem to interchange the amount of passion we infuse into these words. It’s being pandied around like cheap perfume.

ooohhh… I so love your dress!”

OMG I am lusting over a blueberry pie!

I so uber LIKE what you did there 🙂“… and nah, that was not meant to be dirty.

I know, I get it also, this annoyance with youthful preponderance to extremes.

Ok so what’s the difference? I think the feelings are all the same. The emotional turmoil inside your guts and brains that make you want something so much so bad you’d do everything to have it.

we pay a price for everything we get or take in this world; and although ambitions are well worth having, they are not so cheaply won, but exact their dues of work, self-denial, anxiety and discouragement
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

It’s all about the price you are willing to pay up.

I’d really like to become a bestselling published author. It’s just that I get issues with my writing and most of it is procrastination. I can’t seem to pay up the exacted due for hard work and anxiety required for the ambition.

I feel like a choo choo train needing to chug up real hard to get myself going. I know, I know… I’ve read the manifesto. It’s all in the willingness, the stuborness, perseverance, single minded zombie wanting brains illogical march moving forward to get those budding seeds of ambitions grow into beautiful sunflowers of life.

I dream of the fairytale coming true in my life. I’m tired of kissing frogs waiting for them to turn into a prince. They never do and they’ve  become so eiwwy.

I would settle for kissing a frog  and he turned out to be a good man, even if he doesn’t own a kingdom or a horse. Just a good man who brushes his teeth before going to bed and thinks and works like Steve Jobs… too much huh? I know. The prince would have been much more easier to find.

… and that is the discouraged part of me from the L.M. Montgomery qoute.  Had she known how some men turned out to be these days, maybe she would have titled it “Anne curses men into Green Goblins”

Those are just about it. It doesn’t amount to five I know, but besides the two, I just don’t know what other things I would lust after. For now, those are the only two things I know that ignites my fire, and of course the blueberry pie 🙂


  1. Blueberry Pie is pretty fricking delicious

    1. I know right. 🙂
      My lusts have diminished to blueberry pie cravings….. pathetic 🙂

      1. NO THATS AWESOME! Never back down from something so glorious!

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