What is #RHBill to this Catholic?

rh-bill-purple-ribbon-logoWhen the vote reached a ninety-four in favor of RH Bill the tension was rising as well. My twitter feed was firing up and stupid arguments were spewed out by legislators on the plenary hall.  The netizens on twitter both pros and anti was turning out a truly entertaining feed on fact and opinions on one of my present advocacy,  the Reproductive Health Bill , it was on second reading in the lower congress and, it was already past midnight.

It has been a long time since the Philippine congress worked overtime and quite a while when I sat up to follow a legislation unfold. When I couldn’t keep my vigil anymore, my eyes were heavy as lead, I let sleep take over, but not before I prayed to my God that tomorrow I wake up to a well won fight for RH Bill.

And we did, 113 to 104 with 3 abstain in favor of RH Bill. Then I looked up and whispered one of the favorite anti RHBill slogans “is this God’s will?”

This was a bill that was already reaping cobwebs in the halls of congress for fourteen years. No lawmaker was brave enough to bring up their cudgels and make a stand, either pro or against,  afraid with the illusion of “Catholic Bloc”.

Now, with advocate groups striving to be heard, now, no less than the President himself marked the bill as “urgent” the lawmakers have to do the dishes; both houses have to roll up their sleeves and do the chore up to its fruition, tomorrow December 17, 2012- d-Day.

Somehow, in twisted ways,  the Church thinks that they have a right to dictate in the affairs of men claiming higher moral ascendancies; and that politics have ultimate control on affairs of men claiming powers by virtue of representation. Both have forgotten they are only men, subject to universal law of change and ravages of time.

There were stupid arguments that knocked my eyebrows off my head. One really for the books, a legislator defended his no vote by saying “I’d like that in my lifetime we will have countries with Filipinos & Filipinize the world.” You can’t see it, but my eyes are rolling over while I’m doing a major *facepalm* … I know right?!

The was even a congresswoman who voted no, declared that pills were not effective as contraceptive which is why she had seven children. She does not want the same thing to happen to other women. bleah!! The gall of proclaiming her ignorance in reading directions in pill boxes, how can she even craft laws?!!!

What hurts me most, is to be cast aside and accused of not being a christian when you claim you are for the passage of this bill. Clearly, my church has a wool pulled over its eyes that her judgement is so clouded she sees evil where there is none.

How can contraception be equal to abortion?

How can safe sex be equal to promiscuity and immorality?

How can access to better health care facilities, assured services of a skilled health worker targeted to maternal health be equal to corruption?

Why is age appropriate sex education be so scandalous? Who would you rather have your children hear it from? the congresswoman who had seven children and one of them was a teenage father?

How can immediate availability of family planning instruments both “natural” and scientific methods and if one choose to avail of them, be tantamount to “spiritual” transgression of the Catholic faith?

In all the salient provisions of the bill, it repeatedly emphasizes that“… people in geographically isolated or highly populated and depressed areas shall not be neglected”  why would you deny them this law?

Why does my church keep on arguing to stand on a higher moral ground when clearly it is peppered with morality issues itself. (Married catholic priests with children)

We should start thinking of acting in accordance to our conscience and empower our conscience with  hard lessons of experience and the wisdom of history. Our inner faith should be nothing less. To believe in a kind God who sees the infinite goodness of men. He is an all-knowing God, why would he choose to impose his will on you when he knows, you being his child, would know what to do.

If you choose to go on a rampage and kill 27 people, please my antiRH friends, do not have the gall to tell me it is the will of God; or if typhoon Pablo left such a devastation, please blame the rain, not the RHBill campaign.

Do NOT for the love of God tell me that all these tragedies are happening because God is angry with all of this RHBill advocacies, I am wont to go on a rampage myself.

The Church keeps pointing out that the bill is subject to abuse and corruption and does not really aim to alleviate poverty by population control. The agencies that would be funded would only dip their hands inside the cookie jar. But that temptation is present in most, if not all of the laws passed in legislation. We do not really need to single out the RHBill, it has been proven time and again, if one has tendencies to corruption and abuse, one need not choose which laws to work around the system with.

There are no ultimate controls. Road maps of life are written by our choices.  What we do or choose to do and act upon, lives on to the society that surrounds us.

As well as, there will always be a higher call for responsibility and genuine service when you lead a flock of men. Our leaders, teachers, spiritual shepherds, should make a poster and stick it in front of their faces.

We should always feel responsible for the people and the environment that surrounds us, not only for ourselves but for the totality of life, lives we live in and the life we pro create.

what do you think? :)

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