Life only matters when you “own” it

The Finger

I have just been reading an article by David Wong and found it really funny and enlightening.

David made a list, 6 Harsh Truths that will make you a Better Person

  1. The World only Cares What it Can Get From You.
  2. The Hippies were wrong.
  3. What you produce does not have to make money, but it does have to benefit people.
  4. You hate yourself because you don’t do anything.
  5. What you are inside only matters because of what it makes you do.
  6. Everything inside you will fight Improvement.

It’s an oft-repeated mantra, with a different take. He starts off with an analogy that goes:

supposed you had a loved one bleeding to death with a gunshot wound and a stranger comes in. He takes out a knife and he would operate on your boyfriend right there and then. You stop him and you ask, “Can you do this? Do you know what you’re doing?” Fuck! this is my boyfriend you’re gonna slice.

Then he would tell you, does it matter? I’m a nice person. My mother loves me I’m a kind, giving and a polite person..

I don’t care if you’re Mother Goose, what I need right now is Dr House!

Italiano: Caricatura di Gregory House

And that dear folks, on which I truly agree with David, is on how the world operates. Basically, people take crap from someone else because they are on the “need” mode. Go, turn yourself around so that other people’s needs would count a greater value than yours.

Meaning, the more you have of what they need the less you would be under their control. This time, the stranger who volunteers to help your bleeding boyfriend can make you hold his intestines while he is operating on him, put the mile long gorge back inside him, sew him up, assures you he’s going to be alive and alright, because, he happened to be Dr. House’s teacher in Med school. He then proceeds to give you an out-of-this world bang-up job, right there besides your boyfriend while he’s helpless and recovering.

Next thing you know, the Dr. House teacher is your boyfriend and your now ex is going to med school, not to prove anything, but to find a million ways on how to commit undetected psychotic brutal murder. 🙂

One of the comment on the article from “The Hawk”  also made me sit up and listen.

This article believes in a materialistic world view, where everyone wants something and the key to happiness is to get what you want… get, get, get..

It places you in the most insecure frame of mind. What if you don’t get what you want? and, it makes you unhappy, then you realize you don’t have to beat your self up trying to win at the rat race…..You don’t have to participate in the rat race at all..

We all want to avoid SUFFERING, no one wants to suffer, it’s hard and it’s bad but inevitably we all must suffer.

And when it comes, as it eventually will, don’t beat yourself up about it, don’t run from it. Revel in it AS A DIVINE PURPOSE, even enjoy it. Cry if you have to, hit something, but own it.

If they hate you, let them. If they call you a loser, thank them and move on. If she wants to walk, show her the door. If he doesn’t call, let him not call. If your boss was a jerk, bring it on. If you don’t get paid enough, guess you will be taking the bus for some more months instead of buying a car….OWN IT….

And that is where I want to come in. In this diversifying polemic points of view, case point is, how do you define yourself as a Better Person?

If you define yourself as a Dr House, an acerbic, successful talented guy who can snap his fingers and know at a glance whether your supposed to be sick from environmental, viral/bacterial, genetic predispositions well go and be one. Pointers are right in front of you, and when you’ve reached your goal the world will be knocking at your door wanting to be cured by you.

But before you ever get to that point, you need to suffer. You need to make yourself see endless amount of butts in different sizes to put thermometers into, count gazillion heartbeats and find the buried treasures in map like x-ray films, sonograms and all other fuck grams that medicinal science invents. You work it and OWN IT.

welcome and be happy

Then again you might not be exactly the person who wants the world to knock at his door. You might be happy living off alone peacefully by yourself. You grow your own meal in your own backyard. You are friends with the postman (who’s now becoming extinct) you are self-sufficient and you are happy. Your far off neighbors thinks your crazy and can’t imagine how you could survive without cable and internet. It’s shuddering me to pieces.

But you suffer the inconveniences in the absence of modern life, whatever those maybe, still you suffer and you OWN IT.

Or,  you are not in the rat race, but your work gets you to teach in the hinterlands rife with abu sayyafs or communist rebels, but you go anyway because you don’t want the children there to be trapped forever in ignorance, to at least teach them how to read and enlighten them that they need not be trapped in a cycle of poverty. You suffer to alleviate in whatever forms these children may also be suffering from. The world is not exactly knocking at your door, but you find that this world, is in need and in want of you and what you can give them. However ordinary your skills sets maybe. You suffer and you OWN IT.

No, you being a better person is not measured by the stick and the shmuck the world will define you, you being a better person will be measured by the stick and the shmuck you define yourself, no matter how the world may see you.

If you are truly HAPPY lying on the sofa all day long, hell! it’s your definition, the bed bugs will love you the way you are. Go ahead feed them, it may yet be your divine purpose. It’s not easy lying down all day having insects feed on your HDL infested blood, it is a form suffering you know.  😛

OWN your life, the mistakes you made and successes you deserve. People get tired of lame excuses why you are not what you want yourself to be.

Suffer with a goal, not with an excuse, and pat yourself in the back when you come out from your suffering, then, as the saying goes “all happiness lies within, not without”.

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

what do you think? :)

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