When you think you deserve better part II

fixmeforyouWhy do we sometimes choose to be in lopsided relationships?

It’s a rut. Some just do it for the game, which is fair as long as both sides know it is just a game.

Some just go into it blindly, trusting their feelings, the novelty of having someone else treat you special, thinking finally here is someone who has seen you for who you are and of course you drown in every minute it.

But the complications happen when one of the parties involved thinks and have felt otherwise.

It’s a drug. This all time high we get when we find ourselves involved in a significant relationship with the opposite sex. The illusions, assumptions, or maybe just plain stupidity. It happens to the best of us.

Why do we keep thinking that this 0.0000000001 % of a chance will mutate into a germ of hope and eventually, against all odds, everything, in the name of …. I hate to say it – LOVE  – will be ok.

What if you’re in a lopsided relationship where it was only you who gave in more of the emotional investment in the affair? I hate watching by the sidelines wanting to bang my friends  on the head with a copper pot and pour its boiling contents all over their smug faces.

They wouldn’t notice, I know. They’d  just sit there dreamy-eyed and sing stupid love songs.

In case they haven’t noticed it yet that relationships are built on reciprocated feelings. A genuine two-way street.

Here’s another news, the street you’re running into don’t happen to be exclusive to both of you. There are other cars along the road. They  have already been there and affected by the travel you both have made in your lives, and…. there are also traffic lights along the way.

It’s hurting to see our friends and loved ones make choices we cannot change. Choices that only each and every one of us can make for ourselves and only ourselves to carry and follow. Sometimes, lessons in life needs to be walked through just to be learned, and we all know life lessons are learned the hard way.

When we play the game without any regard for time, love, and life, the hurts are only realized as an after thought.

If only we can see beyond ourselves. See the significance of our existence in someone else’s life.

If only we can see, that sometimes, the hurt or pain or loneliness of choosing a narrow path, because we are holding out for something better is a sacrifice worth fighting for.

If only we can see, that sometimes it is better to step back to see, know and discern, than to plunge right in then carry our scars later, learn discernment on an after thought.

But life is also often unfair. We never learn discernment unless we’ve been there, and life is a cruel taskmaster. She lets you carry a load without a promise, and you so desperately pray that rewards for the load you carry may be yours at the end of the road’s journey.

Nothing in this life is as promised. Happiness I suppose has always been a choice. If you choose to have it now or save it for later.

But however you look at it, we all deserve better. A better life than mediocrity, a better love than being second fiddle, an unfailing hope in human nature that somehow, however overwhelming, we will choose a better path.


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When you think you deserve better

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