Why “pugad baboy” (pig’s nest) is so living up to its name

A cartoon strip not very funny and so outright insulting to think that its editors and publishers can be so insensitive.

296191_10200862882910247_1927766387_nIt speaks volumes of prejudice. A decibel exceeding what your ear can tolerate no wonder Pol Medina can only think logically by graphic swine speak.

His cartoon strip speaks out his narrow-minded views on Christian beliefs. He portrays that Christianity is a hypocrite faith because it is against Gays and Lesbians and that it allows a catholic school exclusive for women, administratively run by nuns, to tolerate same-sex relationships within its campus. He even had the gall in naming the revered institution and dropped an insinuation that the nuns may have been on the third gender tripping also.

How he arrived at the conclusion that Christianity is against Gays and Lesbians is beyond my comprehension. He might have had unfulfilled sexual fantasies about nuns or priests and made his outlet by doodling rounded things which eventually looked like swines, which have resulted to his cartooning talent.

Unfortunately, he may have been also skill deprived to be able to draw magnificent manga anime porn forms, so he just contented himself with rounded shapes of community pigs which, imagine that! his herd of swine can think and talk besides eat and ngork and roll in pig sty all day.

Of course we all know how pigs love to roll in mud and breathe farts out of their skin. You can smell them a mile away.  Indeed, if works of art can speak of what its creator may be like, what could pugad baboy’s artist/ creator be like in person?

To categorically place people in buckets and label them with their sexual leanings then top it off by insulting their spiritual beliefs is so compoundedly stupid it behooves me on how and why he came up with something so way low below trash.

Did he honestly think this is a constructive criticism of a social and/or religious practice? How can he even assume that it can come off as comedic funny when up until now I can’t find words on how to label his work beyond stench. At least I know methane can come from farts, where might his “revered” opinions come from?

I don’t know what to think, is he even capable of that? Or maybe he may have smelled his own farts too much that he came to the point where he poisoned his own mind and cannot think straight.

He might have been better off if he IV dripped whiskey in his veins that way he’d just be comatose drunk, than a moronic cartoonist’s inhaling lead content from his own excess body gas .

How does it feel Mr. Medina? to be judged by assumptions and general conclusions just based on a piece of your work? Does it automatically translate on who you are? on how you think or act as a human being, what your principles maybe, or on how you were raised as a child or how you are as a parent?

Humanity is already at that generation where walls of prejudice and dogmatic beliefs have already been toppled over even in its most significant symbols. We do not need to feed this generation another false thread of preconceived notions based on actuation’s.

You have just passed condemnation and  judgement on our youth when you,  as media,  should carry an innate social responsibility of enlightening, empowering and informing our people. Not top us over with bigotry and sexist insults.

You have just insulted a learning institution, belittled  a spiritual belief which forms part of social character transformation founded way before your ancestors were born. I think, as another Filipino, our nation deserves more quality and responsible media practice from you and your publishers.

I think, we really should think before we create lest we all end up in a pig sty.


  1. romeo reyes · · Reply

    balat sibuyas naman!

    1. kelangan ng sita sita din pag minsan at isip isip din kase pag me time

  2. jingby · · Reply

    ang katotohanan, kahit ginawang katatawanan, katotohanan pa rin.

    1. Hindi katotohanan ang issue ko. Ang issue ko respeto. Respeto sa kalayaan ng piniling pamumuhay at paniniwala.

      isang likas na karapatan ng bawat tao sa mundo, mlayang isabuhay na hindi kinakailangan insultuhin nang sinuman.

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  4. Thank you sir… apologies accepted.

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