Over reacting or nipping in the bud? Still on pugad baboy

I wanna move on.

I’ve said my piece on the Pugad Baboy strip and I think I’ve already laid out my opinion well enough. After all that’s been said and done and if it’s any consolation, I happen to like the Pugad Baboy comic strip, I just didn’t like the June 4 issue and just maybe, other issues before that.

I sheepishly admit that I only offer perfunctory glances at the comic strip. When I find it funny, like any other ordinary human being, I snort, probably make a nasal noise akin to short bursts of laughter but not really LOL, maybe just the HA… not the HAHAHA…

I’ve also been accused of over reacting, to the comic strip. OA, really? c’est moi.

I’ve been known to over react to a lot of things and the comic strip is just one of them. I was gifted with a permanent sugar rush in my spine, that when I sit still, I fall asleep. A colleague once said he was glad he wasn’t my partner. He thinks he’d die early because of sleep deprivation. If I didn’t nag him well into midnight, I’d be shouting at him in my writings.

He nearly nailed it, but I am more of the latter than the former. I don’t nag, I just offer bitchy comebacks and hope you writhe there and die with word swords.

Capture2I’m sorry too Mr Medina if I’ve been part of the netizens attack on your “insensitive” comic strip. I’m sorry if I had caused any pain, or might have contributed to your resignation, but I am not sorry for airing out my opinions. Sometimes, I think there are things in this world that we really should nip in the bud, but not the demise of your art. PDI would be sorely lacking without your pigs about. (its meant to be a joke)

Prejudice if allowed to take effect, in extreme forms, eventually leads to disproportionate “class” behaviors. The  attitude of “attribution errors” thinking that a group is lesser or greater than another often translates to unconscious behavior modification.

When one thinks it is better than another just because of race, gender, religion, social class, age, or disability, there would come imminent forms of  social exclusivity, bullying and sometimes even violence.

Let me tell you an anecdote on implicit forms of social exclusivity. Me and my friends went to a not so high ended 3 star hotel that offered a well-known water spa among its amenities. We weren’t booking for the hotel, we just wanted the swim.

Since we were still waiting for some of our friends, we decided to chill out on the hotel’s lounge area. We were loud admitted, but hey we’re bunch of giggling girls, not a herd of praying nuns. We were not about to sing in angelic choir when we’re excited about something.

So there we were talking loud, the aircon inside was not exactly comforting. All the talking and giggling was making me thirsty.  I stood up and took advantage of the free ice tea or lemonade available at the hotel lobby. The glass was halfway empty as I quenched my thirst, a security guard approached me and told me that the drinks were only for the hotel guests.

In my most dripping honeyed sarcasm, I replied ” Okey, so what would you have me do? pour back this unfinished juice to the pitcher or should I book for the hotel so I could be entitled to your stupid juice?”

He backed off and said it was ok. I held onto my glass and finished the juice and luckily most of my friends have already arrived. If not I would have been tempted to finish off the container of lemonade just to see how the management would deal with a bloated irritated swim spa patron.

What’s the difference between a swim spa patron and a hotel guest? duhh… we both paid. If they wanted to give their hotel guest welcome drinks, they should have placed it inside their rooms, not on a self-serve corner for everyone to see but not for everyone to drink.

Social exclusivity is an innate form of resource deprivation because the resource is only intended for a specific “entitled” class. It really rubs me the wrong way specially if done in such bad taste.

I think I’ve already written this before, no one is better than anyone else. We come  from different lives, carry our own set of strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams.

No one should tell you are less than who you are unless you allowed them to, and it would be the most pathetic thing you can do to yourself if you actually believed them.

Over reacting again?! I think not. Over reacting is when you just gave birth and you have such low self-esteem that you eventually killed your husband and cut off his genitals because you’re depressed. That’s not only over reacting, that’s frightening.

Or maybe resigning because of negative furor?


I have no tendencies towards genital mutilations. I happen to believe in the Live and let live Beatles song. C’mon Mr. Medina, you’ve been in this industry way too long already, I supposed you inherently know that we need to take it in what we are capable of dishing out.

what do you think? :)

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