men weren’t meant to fly… #man of steel

sup and loisI grew up with the Superman series and found every film awesome, but that was me at a younger age when CGI was just random letters in an alphabet soup.

If you could make a scene of a hot dude in tights, landing on the balcony besides a love struck female human specie and make the scene classic, well it just shows the movie is a hit.

Me, together with the targeted mass of femaledom was mushy, love struck and swooning over a perfect guy who’d take me home via flying cape. I didn’t even find it strange that he was wearing his underwear inside out.

I even grew up sure that superman’s real name was “Efren” not Clark Kent.

You know, when Lois Lane asked him “Who are you?” he replied “Efren” (a friend, hahaha.. 😀 sorry I had to do it).

Superman then was a real feast for moviegoers, back when life was simpler and that you really need to fall from a building to film that you are falling from a building. The series were more on his being super than him being a man, his being extraordinary, him being invulnerable.

Those were the days of uncomplicated movie plots of good vs evil and that evil however strong they maybe, they were just plain evil for the sake of having an antagonist, and would always be defeated by the good looking good gods.

Christopher Nolan did say they were going to make a reboot on the old franchise, so they took on a different angle.

This time, I found it touching how he needed to be human. I was not swooning over a man god, I was rooting for a man, with all the powers he kept, would rather let stupid humans walk all over him because he knew what he could be capable of.

He did not need to develop his strength anymore than he needed to develop his other abilities, Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) wanted his kevin costneradopted son to develop his strength of character. He would rather die than see his son be ostracized by a society frightened of something beyond their human comprehension. Kal-el knew he was different, but the most difficult part of his life journey was figuring out why and what  his origins were.

Nolan, in making parallelisms with Christian faith were not so subtle. A godlike human returning amongst men after 33 years of journey, nah… did we just call him Jesus? or maybe the humans just said it because we saw him flying.

The eternal debate of predestination vs free will was taken up from the origins of Krypton. In their most advance society, every creature in the Genesis chamber already has a genetic code imbeded to form the child on his role in that world once he was born. The codex would dictate his sole purpose in life. Jor-el, believing that his planet is already doomed, attempted with his wife, the option of natural childbirth.

russel croweKal-el was not preconditioned from birth, rather, the codex was imbedded in him after he was born. The collective knowledge of Krypton was given on his long journey to earth, as he escaped the destruction of his world.

A crash course of his planet’s being became part of his genetic structure. Now if you’re pressured on cramming for exams the next day about a subject or two, you think he’d turn out to be autistic with all that knowledge he was suckling into?

Fortunately he just turned out to be hot. Imagine that, having Russel Crowe as a biological father, then Kevin Costner as a second dad, Henry Savill has no right to be not so god looking. Not to mention Christopher Meloni becoming your immediate best buds, with a searing gaze, telling everyone “He is not our enemy”.

General Zod (Michael Shannon) should not be typecasted as your all out evil. Why should we blame him? he was coded to be a soldier and protect the good and preservation of Krypton above anything else. Again, the eternal debate of the end justifying the means. Eventually, we all come to the question “Why” and when everything is said and done, we question ourselves if it was all worth it.

I’m a sucker for life journey lessons. If I were Kal-el, and in the brink of life changing decision, advising me to take the leap-of-faith and deal with trust issues later, I would have opted for the re-growth of Krypton on Earth. But, I didn’t have Kevin Costner for a dad, an all caring love mom in Diane Lane and so not lesbian to fall for Lois Lane.

But as luck would have the humankind, Kal-el chose the puny ones over a superior race. Krypton has had its chance and it’s all knowledge still brought with it its own destruction.

After the human drama, the CGI scenes were spectacular. I had a feast on the S uniform look, ok I can forgive that the cape’s still red but man I think I had my corneas genetically reworked or rather terraformed  from all that action fight scenes.

All those buildings smashed, popped and zinged. The alien spaceships looking like gladiator flies, and the best new element of a talking, thinking popsicle conscience following Jor-el and Lara Lor-van around, kinda reminds of Jarvis Ironman, only this one looks organic.

What made me disappointed from all that effort of banging buildings and walls was that, all Superman needed to do to stop General Zod was give him a nasty neck crick. Sheesh… he could’ve done that way way before I got dizzy.

My son commented on our way out of the movie theater, “I don’t like it, it’s just all about him. It’s too mushy”

What?! My head spunned and ears still ringing from all those action scenes and he says its mushy? I like it mushy. I like origins, I like life lessons, but then I guess, I’m a girl.

I love men who learns that they’re as vulnerable as the next guy, but still they try to be strong for the people they care for.

Men weren’t meant to fly, with the clouds beneath their feet. “Superman”- Five for Fighting

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