600522_488283337918431_203303411_nThe winds and intermittent rains have not stopped for a while and Belle, in the back of her mind was worried. She lived thirty two kilometres away from Manila and even after the storm signal was warned a notch up higher, she was still here at the studio doing her poses.

The studio was comfortable enough fitting all seventeen of them, the class cannot be cancelled because of a super typhoon, the place was not yet directly affected by the effects of the weather condition anyway.

There were gusty winds and intermittent hard rains outside the studio. School were already declared off earlier and government offices, except those involve in emergency work were already advised to take the half day off.  People in Manila usually push the red button on and act like ants panicking from a puddle because of heavy traffic brought about by heavy rains.

Moving the training schedule seemed to be out of the question and no one in her class was airing out her line of worry, since no one in particular was interested in delaying the training module any longer.

Everyone was in a focused mindset of becoming certified instructors. While earphones were plugged, people were walking around memorizing their tracks, visualizing the poses, scripting their coaching and then talking it out loud to no one in particular, she watched. She was never used to this, she was never really that talented to instruct. She’s not into telling what your’e supposed to do, she believes in thinking that you are big enough to figure it out by yourself, why would you need me for? but then again, we can’t live inside our bubbles all the time can’t we? Figuring out things is hard, and figuring it out with someone who knows and has been there would be truly helpful, isin’t it?

It was amazing looking at them, they were like walking and posing zombies with talking brains disjointed from the rest of the world. They were all so into themselves, they could not actually care. Zoned out, with a goal focused in front of them, the rains outside became trivial.

So, she went with the rest of the walking, posing and talking  zombies. She also went around the studio trying to nail her footwork in the lunges, warriors, and sun salutations until she swears she’s grown six toes already. She did her plank and crocodiles  so many times that maybe her arms may have hills that looked like unbendable elbows. All for the vain of trying to look fit and making themselves role models of fitness change.

Then it came to her, maybe she really needed a change of attitude. Coaching was difficult because it meant somehow of trying to tell people on what to do, on ways how to do it and somehow, it translates a part of herself.

Maybe because she lived so much on her own terms that she never really tried to reach out too much before. She was never a people person. She knows her standards and live up to what she knows worked  out well for her and her children, she never really tried to reach out to other people because that meant giving up a part of her, even if it was just a small particle.

Besides, she never liked people telling her what to do, and she knew that has to stop, specially on body part direction and geographical locations, she never knew someone so geographically and name person challenged as she was.

And this time she has to give. She realized how everything works as a mindset. She realized that it was always how you look and do things, that eventually it would all come back to you, as a person, whatever you do.

If you eat too much, you become fat, if you eat too little you become thin, too many lunges may grow you six toes but you would have tree trunks for thigh strength. Too many alcohol could kill your kidneys, dehydrate, belly fat, makes you look older than you really are, but then socializing could give you a lot of friends. If you go out to have a lot of friends, some of them may not be quality, but at least you know a lot and that goes well for advertising, but she hates advertising, bleah!

Well, hurray for Facebook and twitter 🙂

It would all be a circle. Somehow, all things are connected with each other. The rains were pouring outside and it was a general statement of how global warming has affected climate change. When she zoomed in to one particular person, to one particular life which is hers, to one particular movement, and one particular mindset which is now, she realized how her actions could speak her words and her movements could speak her mind and breath.

It was not that she does not care what was happening outside, what was happening outside was the result of how it would look like when people does not care.  The rains outside were only a manifestation of collective human carelessness, arrogant apathy with lifestyle and excesses.

Outside was a manifestation of how collective debris of human wastes can impact future lives. The very tired story of deforestation can and will continually affect humanity.

Of how corrupt and selfish decisions like urban planning for example, can impact a future, which now becomes our present. It it is so botched up, even lizard tears could flood up Manila. Of how most people love carbonated drinks, and never blink on where does the plastic bottles go. How did we all end up from drinking water directly from faucet to buying distilled ones? Most of us were never mindful of whatever is coming inside of our bodies and what could be coming out.

Of how could she did not consider, that there is still a lifetime following her footsteps.  Of how all talk is carried by winds and pooped on by the birds. There should always be balance of mind and actions. As her mom used to say, it’s walking the talk. She knew if she has to carry this thru, she would need to have a change of mindset.  It will not always be about her, there is a world beyond and above her.

Let’s make this small steps, she promised herself never to lock her knees in all her poses to avoid injury. Then she added, she will never buy mineral water served smaller than 5 gallons, consume only what she can eat, after all, she’s already into this fitness mindset. Then she would take part in the donation drive for the devastated provinces of her nation.

Maybe in her small world, if she talks her walk, she can change the world.

what do you think? :)

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