about ysobele

I’m ditching the personal flavor of this blog. I’ve decided that instead of starting up a new one, I’m rehashing YSOBELE instead.

I know I’ve written it somewhere before and should have taken it to heart –  its not all about me.

Yup, for one thing who would want to know what really happens to your pet monkey and what you gave him for dinner unless you’re Lady Gaga, which for one’s peace of mind, I’m telling you, I do not even remotely resemble her or even be as talented and gifted as she is.

But Ysobele might be. You see, Ysobele is all about women empowerment. Enough of us being considered like meat on hooks, displayed to satisfy hunger. We have come a very long way from being the “submissive” gender and half of this planet’s population cannot live without its women.

Feminist? nahh… I’d just like to think that we really do not need to shout or bang our heads, or be so bitchy about being noticed, because like it or not babe, HE cannot really help it but notice.

Nope, no need to make some noise. Let’s make heady indie music, stories and articles on triumphant women overcoming adversities despite gender inequalities, inhuman conditions and cultural dictates.

And when everyone is drunk with the beauty of her, let us cut off the hydra head of oppression and exploitation particularly of women.

Let Ysobele be her story.

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  1. go mama.. 🙂 😀

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