finally doing it

I’ve manage to place in the back burner my need to write for the longest time, sort of like telling myself, ” I’ll get back to you after I’ve done this or that or something else”, which eventually not only relegated my need to write in the back burner, but apparently out of the stove as well.

Although I’ve attempted skirmishes on writing so many times before, doing it in my own private diary,  Well this time I guess, I’m freaking finally stepping out in public and really doing it for a change.

For someone who has so many ideas in her head, most of them I would rather keep to myself thinking that maybe others may find it not so great at all, maybe its about time I started thinking, “it’s not all about you babe… believe me it’s not all about you.”

For all I know, only a few would have even found their way into my blogs.

I guess I have the tendency to write of all things that make this world and this life special to me.

Ironic twists, connecting dots, comedic fate, storylines that make life’s truth stranger than fiction. I wanted to place them in a canvas of my own and try to let others see, hopefully see it the way I do.

A world colored with words,  upon seeing, hope to have gained an insight into ourselves,  that part which others do not see.

So I guess, now I start a journey into the fascinating world of blogs.

Bilet Diones05/06/2012

what do you think? :)

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