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An Insult to a Heritage

Why would a pension fund sell into auction one of its most valuable assets, a notable art collection of Manansalas, Ocampo’s and most prized among them, Juan Luna’s  Parisian Life? According to GSIS’s PGM Robert Vergara one of the main reason why he was considering the sell out was that, to qoute: “We do believe […]

men weren’t meant to fly… #man of steel

I grew up with the Superman series and found every film awesome, but that was me at a younger age when CGI was just random letters in an alphabet soup. If you could make a scene of a hot dude in tights, landing on the balcony besides a love struck female human specie and make […]

Why “pugad baboy” (pig’s nest) is so living up to its name

A cartoon strip not very funny and so outright insulting to think that its editors and publishers can be so insensitive. It speaks volumes of prejudice. A decibel exceeding what your ear can tolerate no wonder Pol Medina can only think logically by graphic swine speak. His cartoon strip speaks out his narrow-minded views on […]

Day 3: A book I love

“Mom I bought you a book” “Really?! thanks love..” I kiss my son on the forehead while holding on his shirt sleeve, he bowed down. I mussed up his hair and he tackled me on the bed. Teenagers… what is it with coiffure that makes them react so violently. “what!?! you can mess up my […]

The Avengers, a review: ooh yeah!

What more can you ask for? a marvel comic jumps off from the pages to the screen! We are all suckers for die-hard action scenes.  Trying to defend the Tessaract, a neon cube which is supposedly a source of limitless energy and trouble apparently, Nick Fury gets a bullet at the chest miraculously gets up and […]