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The winds and intermittent rains have not stopped for a while and Belle, in the back of her mind was worried. She lived thirty two kilometres away from Manila and even after the storm signal was warned a notch up higher, she was still here at the studio doing her poses. The studio was comfortable […]

You need to move on…

Belle was riding a red sedan and her parents were waiting on the corner. It was one of those windless hot days where she doesn’t seem to be bothered by the heat but more by the glaring sun. Hands on the steering wheel she peered again, she knew these were her parents but there was […]

Do you even know why its called an Achilles heel?

It refers to one’s weakness, the one thing that topples everything down. Cez moi? nahh… I don’t have a weakness. I’m mature, I’m elegant, I’m a good looking hardworking woman who has got all the wraps and bases covered, that’s why I’m living this fabulous life… whatever. Except when I received an email that I […]

I can only be a mother and a woman at that #fathersday

It’s the small things that cut a big deal when you look at life in the big picture. Before his last year in high school ended for my son, there was an activity that pulled the students together to a reflection camp of sorts. They were taken out from the comforts of school and home, […]

Fish Stares and Obnoxious Flies

Belle held on to her mother’s skirt as she stared at the fish pile. They all seem to be looking back at her.  Her head reached only up to her mom’s waist, enough for her to be above level with the fish vendor’s stall. They were looking at her, the fishes, with heads piled up […]

Day 21: on looking at the future, an ultimate freedom…

Belle sat shock and frozen still peering into the crack offered by the plyboard wall of the kubol. She could not believe what she was seeing, writhing on the floor was an inmate accused of having stolen her camera. Wooden paddles were held by two burly men as they took turns on hitting the inmate. […]

Day 20: Fears

Ariah took after her mother’s flawless skin. Although not white and creamy, her Asian evened skin tone could vie for skin soap commercials. Proportionately petite, she was not a knock out when you first see her, but it was the kind of beauty that grows on you, and when you to look into her brown […]

Day 12: Five guys whom you find attractive

“OMG… ” Belle sighed as she watched Kate and Leopold with her daughter. Girlie flicks was on the tube. They had a bag of chips, feet on top of the  table. They seemed to be convoluted enough in their positions with their backs on the sofa twisted and turned in such a way that they […]

Day 11: Family

“Finally, time to go home.” Belle bowed her head, heaved a deep sigh and the children followed her to the car. They were all silent. Maybe tears were already dried up, or maybe since the sickness was lingering they were already expecting  she would be gone soon. The priest had made his final blessing as […]

Day 8: What I ate today

Let me just say before I continue, that this is a very tiring challenge blog. Next time before I get into something like this I’ll ask my lawyer first… whatever. 🙂 I could hear a hummingbird chirping outside and a ray of sunlight peeked just right enough through my bedroom window, its warmth like silver […]