I wanna move on. I’ve said my piece on the Pugad Baboy strip and I think I’ve already laid out my opinion well enough. After all that’s been said and done and if it’s any consolation, I happen to like the Pugad Baboy comic strip, I just didn’t like the June 4 issue and just […]

A cartoon strip not very funny and so outright insulting to think that its editors and publishers can be so insensitive. It speaks volumes of prejudice. A decibel exceeding what your ear can tolerate no wonder Pol Medina can only think logically by graphic swine speak. His cartoon strip speaks out his narrow-minded views on […]

Why do we sometimes choose to be in lopsided relationships? It’s a rut. Some just do it for the game, which is fair as long as both sides know it is just a game. Some just go into it blindly, trusting their feelings, the novelty of having someone else treat you special, thinking finally here […]

Wake up in the morning, prepare for work, drive to work, work… After office hours, drive home, dinner, sleep… Somewhere between the twenty-four hours, you get to eat what you want, talk about nonsense, talk with sense, talk to sensible people, if you get lucky,  maybe talk yourself out of sense or whatever 😉 Life […]

It’s a miracle how mothers survive past 30, that is, if she has children earlier than that. I have children already at the adult stage, and though I’d hate to admit it, I am past thirty, so I’m not supposed to be so iffy  since my brood are almost all grown up. They should be […]

“Mom can we go to the toy store, please?” my son pulled me towards the direction of the grand toy store entrance, colorful lights, sights and sounds. Trying to act dense, I stupidly asked, “What are we going to do there?” “I’m just going to look around, please..” but before I became victim of mindless […]

I have just been reading an article by David Wong and found it really funny and enlightening. David made a list, 6 Harsh Truths that will make you a Better Person The World only Cares What it Can Get From You. The Hippies were wrong. What you produce does not have to make money, but […]

My friend was gushing over. Apparently the guy she was really into feels the same way she does so she’s going out with him. Last time I heard, the guy is still married. I sat there listening to her gushing as if she was portraying a scene from Pretty Little Liars. I don’t know what […]

I lie on a queen size bed already droopy. If I lay this laptop aside and kid myself on the lamest excuse of “just resting my eyes”, the moment I close them, I’m zoned out. Beside me is my 20-year-old son. Snoring his nostrils out. Funny, for the longest time my children take turns on […]

January 1, 2013, woke up late, as usual. Dragging feet, looking inside the fridge not exactly knowing why but because it seems the most logical thing to do when you feel wasted in the morning. Bow down, look around, close, then open it up again 🙂 Some people have routines with coffee, I have it […]