DAY 5: Things you wanted to say to an EX

The one who made this list for the 30 day blog challenge must have been a girl, maybe I should make her my BFF 🙂

I’d learned long ago that your reactions are directly proportionate to your hidden monkeys.

This is me after all I’ve been through and when someone asks me about you…

This is what I really feel..

This was what it was like when I was still with  you…

This is how I am today…

and this is what I am looking forward to…

What?! I just happen to look at copulating monkeys…


  1. Ha! I can’t get over how cute this post is. Monkeys are so adorable – you can’t go wrong. WELL, maybe until you get to the last picture! 😉

  2. hehehe… I know right 🙂

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