Day 17:Something that you are proud of

I’m proud of a lot of things in my life.

Like most things people can be proud of, I’m proud of how I turned out to be in spite of how other people talk behind my back.

“she even believes that zombies eat brains. Can you believe that?! She doesn’t even come out of the house, just stares at that computer all day… what would happen to her children?! hai! so sad… no man would like her like that”

Turns out even if I did spend most of my time “staring” at the computer, me and my children ended up fine. We’ve graduated from Plants vs Zombies to Temple Run, communicate with each other thru chat even though we live in the same house and miraculously gets out of our safe zones all at the same time like synchronized watches when its time to eat.

Nahh… I’m just making it up, although we do chat most of the time, we still see each other and are close to one another like family… huh? oh yeah right, that’s because we are 🙂

I know I’ve got some personality issues, but I do try to resolve them within before spewing it out.

and I may sound like I’m bitter, but honestly, I just like making fun of my ex’s. What better way than to hang it out all loose and just look back and laugh about it.

Honestly… I’m so over it, so over like there’s never gonna be a twilight book5  series titled moonblood- the menstruation of the mime. It’s about Bella’s daughter relationship issues with direwolves… something like that. 

Even if there would be a book 5, I think we’re so saturated with vamps, all of different genres that its gone passe. The trend is dead, give it up already, let it sleep for another hundred years.

And besides my children,  I’m actually proud of myself because I’ve learned a lot of things that I can be truly proud of. At least now I can hold my coffee mug longer than I do my beer mug. I’m at that stage when I need something to make me think logical, not necessarily biological… 🙂 I leave it at that.

what do you think? :)

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